Your Step-By-Step Guide for Approaching Women

Many men have paranoia about approaching women. Talking to their female counterparts makes them cautious, and experts believe it has a lot to do with the approach. It might be surprising to many, but men usually attempt to talk to women with an intention of impressing them. Since the approach is all about pleasing the other person, the end of the conversation is not always in control. As men often cannot control their philandering ways of impressing their counter gender, women end up having a lot of power in the budding relationship, because they know they can get what they want. In short, the way a man starts his conversation is extremely important.

In this post, we have a step-by-step guide for approaching women, without trying to please them.

  1. Start sober

When you meet a woman, regardless of whether that’s a nightclub or a café, you need to start on a sober, more approachable note. Introduce yourself like a gentleman would, and wait for her to reciprocate. If she doesn’t, you already know that the other person is probably not interested. Or else, you can talk about the environment to know her mood. The idea is to keep things simple. You need to allow the other person to take control of the situation too. To be more precise, don’t be desperate to win her attention. Equations are built when two people are interested in one another.

  1. Find what she likes

As you talk to girls, you need to know their psyche. Conversations with stranger women often start with questions. You need to know what she would like to answer, and the safe bet is to go for questions that don’t need a lot of thinking. Keep things as breezy as possible, because even though you started the conversation, you would want her to take things ahead. She may enjoy talking about a few things and might be reluctant about others. You need to understand what she likes and dislike. If you keep talking about things that are not her alley, she won’t take the talk ahead.

  1. Agree, not always

Once you are into a substantial topic that extends beyond your generic introduction, you need to share your opinion on things. Yes, you would want to agree to what she says, but don’t be afraid to disagree either. You need to come off as a man who has a mind of his own. Think about this – do you really need a puppet who doesn’t have an opinion on some of the major concerns of life and the world? In the same way, intelligent women like men who don’t mind sharing their ideas and thoughts, no matter how contradictory it might be.

  1. Let her talk

Men either talk too much or let the women do all the talking – both are wrong approaches. You need to be careful about what you share and choose to talk about. It is important to have a conversation and not a monologue. While you may not like her choice of topics for the conversation, you have to keep going. She needs to be sure about your interest, but this doesn’t have to be a dumb move. Let’s say you are talking about sportscars, and she gave a couple of inputs. Next time, she talks about her Louboutin shoes, pay attention.

  1. Closing the conversation

At times, a simple talk can end up being an hour-long conversation. There comes a point when you will ask for her number and whether she wants to be in touch. Closing the talk is extremely important. You need to be firm about moving out, but at the same time, you don’t want her to feel unwanted. Bring a logical end to the conversation by asking if she would want to meet again. Give her your card or your number and ask her about the next place. If she doesn’t seem keen, be open about it. Rejection is a part of the game, and sadly, most men don’t know how to handle the same. Don’t be a jerk if she doesn’t agree to your ideas at the end of the evening. Sometimes, people talk and it leads to nothing at all.

So, be there, take your chances and don’t be afraid to lose. Women want to know men as much as men do, and therefore, it is all about taking the right shot. You don’t want to impress someone who is not interested in you in the first place. In more effective words, check where you invest your energy.