Why Romance Me?

Who needs romance a man or a woman? That’s such a funny question, because, we both want romance. However in most relationships we women leave it up to the men.

The truth is men really want to be romanced, and it’s not always about us ladies. Men need to be romanced also. Men love and want to be loved. Men protect us, but want their hearts to also be protected. Men also need to feel secure in our relationships. They need to know we need and want them. Men need that same warm feeling inside we have when we are showed how much they love and consider us.

In our heads we women can see the perfect romantic evening, so plan romantic time for the man in your life. Why not take them out to wine and dine them. Make special time to take them on a date. The same way we want that man in our life to take time out for us.

There are some who have been in it for many years, so, yes even those 20 plus years into a relationship, even those ladies can still plan for a date night. Say, thank you for taking care of our family. Let them know we appreciate them. Plan strolls through the park, late night talks and late night walks.

Romance is a feeling that should be there always is for both sides to feel. Romance is a feeling from the heart. A feeling of love to make the other feel we need and appreciate them. Ladies it’s OK to let them know, you want them with you forever. Yes as a woman we don’t have to romance, we can leave it up to them. But, know that you can.

Ladies here’s a perfect romantic evening. Take in Dinner at that special place you two shared in Philly and he has commented on the fact that he liked it and would like to go again. Take a walk after dinner just to talk on the water front. Then end the evening by spending the night somewhere romantic in the city.

Why romance, because everyone is happy and both lives are enhanced with romance. It should be a 50/50 road to a healthy and happy relationship. It’s called give and take and everyone should play a role in that. Romance only adds love and happiness to both your lives. If our existence together means, I romance you, then let me romance you for the rest of my life.