Why is London club scene still one of the best?

When talking about party and night clubbing lots of places come to mind for any kind of person but which is really hard to find is a city where you can integrate every night scene from the most VIP clubs to rough bars and with underground and pop music. Nevertheless, London is one of these cities that embrace any party ambient you like since its true club culture, that has decades on the main stage.

Diversity and Inclusion Are the Rules

Even though it is true that some streets are more tilted to some specific styles, tendencies or music genres, you can find almost any kind of club in the city. If you’re an underground person that enjoys dark sounds and rave parties, there’s a whole movement where basically great and bizarre DJs play in dark rooms where everything can happen. That part of the London club scene is a little bit more difficult to join too since events are precisely quite discrete sometimes in order to get away from the touristic-commercial scene.

But, if on the other hand, you rather enjoy the fancy scene with celebrity spotting and VIP areas where good looks and style are the top priority so get ready to dress your best outfit for the cameras! And that’s just the beginning; these kinds of clubs are only the surface London night club scene, since more bizarre audiences have their spot and are welcome to the party too, like “Body Parties” in Dalston where the main attraction is people whose bodies are totally different of what “common beauty” patterns include. You can find girls from whole world… Asia, States, African beauties, Russian girls. There’re of course some areas where the queer scene is the prime show and obviously, gay bars are right on the agenda.

Truth is that it doesn’t matter where you go, people are really inclusive when it comes to party time and the general idea is to make partners comfortable and create a great and very different climate in every club.

Other Reasons That Make London’s Night Club Scene Still So Popular

 The diversity and inclusion in this night scene culture are not the only attraction that clubbing in London offers for both locals and tourists:

  • If you’re a smoker, most clubs have great smoking areas with enough space.
  • London club scene houses the best talent artist in almost any kind of music and the greatest emerging artist’s movement.
  • Lots of cafes open for you to munch after the party
  • If you know where to go, you can actually have a lot of fun for an affordable price.