Why a Woman Grows Cold in the Bedroom

Marriages fail everyday and many times the source of discontent is financial, however marriages also fail due to lack of intimacy and affection. The lack of intimacy and affection are what cause a woman to feel unwanted and unappreciated. Telling a woman that you love her simply isn’t enough, but taking time to show her love and affection will make the world go round.

The key to loving a woman and getting her to return the passion and sex is by showing her affection. A simple hug or a caress can say it all. Women can also grow cold when they feel you aren’t listening. Tuning out your lover isn’t going to help you, and certainly won’t warrant any affection or gratitude on her part. This means that if you are expecting sex from her forget it!

So, how can you avoid a loveless marriage that is lacking in physical intimacy? Be romantic, and take the time to show her that you care. A hug is still good, gentle caressing or touching is great, but creating the air of romance is even better. Romance is what makes a woman feel loved an appreciated, and above all you can help her to come around in the bedroom and really turn on the fire for you physically.

Other reasons that women may grow cold in the bedroom are related to different types of abuse, and this can be emotional, physical, and sexual. Hurting a woman in any way simply isn’t optional, and certainly will turn them away from you. If you are treating them like an animal, or treating them as though they are a piece of property, then you have no right to believe that they would want you.

No person should ever be abused, whether they are a man or a woman; however women grow cold in the bedroom when men are demanding or abusive. Some couples claim to enjoy sex that is rough, but a majority of them really don’t. Women are looking for that slow, red carpet experience in which there is a series of events that leads up to the main event. Does this make sense?

This red carpet experience is how you manage your day with her. Did you greet her with a kiss this morning? Did you hug her and tell her how glad you were to see her? These are just some small things that you can do that are a part of that red carpet experience. The red carpet experience really falls into line with what we call foreplay. This is a real series of affectionate acts that leads to the main event!

Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life, and doing the same thing every day can get boring for the both of you. Be creative, and mix things up a bit. Some days focus on kind words or telling them you love them, and other days focus on touching and hugging. This will keep her from going cold in the bedroom!