Reasons You Should Try Anal if You’re a Man

Is the Male G-spot as elusive as the Female G-spot? Our answer is no, but for a lot of straight men, the idea of exploring where the G-spot lays makes them automatically say “ain’t gonna happen.” Often, straight men do not want to explore their own backside but would rather perform it on a woman rather than be on the receiving end. Men, the actual fact is that the male G-spot can be found through anal stimulation which will then lead to one of the most intense male orgasms you can ever imagine.

Mind blown yet?

Well it should be.

Hetero men, your gay brothers are onto something: PLEASURE.

Anal penetration as a straight male doesn’t mean you are gay nor is it emasculating. It only means you enjoy exploring your body and what makes you sexually satisfied and let’s face it, we all want to be sexually satisfied: gay or straight.

Gay men and women who enjoy anal sex know the wonderful orgasms that only anal sex can bring. Straight men, it’s high time you get on board and enjoy your body.

Finding the male G-spot isn’t as difficult as finding the female G-spot. But just like a treasure hunt, you must be patient with your quest. Your anus is a treasure trove of tiny pleasures. It’s actually filled with numerous little nerves that will boost your pleasure sensations by tenfold. Why, you ask? The male G-spot, also known as the P-spot or the prostate gland, is located inside your anus and it’s approximately the size of a walnut. Prostate massage or anal massage can be relaxing and stimulating because the prostate when enough pressure is applied, releases fluids and encourage blood flow to the entire pelvis area. Prostate/anal massage can actually boost your erection due to an increased blood flow to the penis as well. Men, when your G-spot is stimulated, the orgasms will be much more intense and mind-blowing!

Guys, do you really need a reason to get off? We’ve got 5 reasons for you to try some G-spot love.

Reason 1: Why not? Explore your sexuality because you never know what’s at the end of the yellow brick road. You’ll be introduced to a whole new world of pleasures that you didn’t know existed. Enjoying anal stimulation as a man does not mean you don’t love the vagina any more either. It just means you love yourself enough to know that there is more than the standard penis in vagina ways to get off. And once you discover that you’re down with some anal love, the possibilities are endless…fingers, sex toys, your partner, OH MY!

Reason 2: Mind-blowing orgasms. No matter how many times we say it, it will always be true. You think getting an orgasm is one of the best things ever? You should try orgasming while your prostate is getting stimulated because it’s way more intense!

Reason 3: It’s for your own health and wellbeing. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women Hospital had discovered that men who ejaculate at least once a day have lower risk of developing prostate cancer. And if you’re an active prostate stimulator or just putting your finger inside your own anus once every few days, you’re more likely to catch any unusual bumps before anything drastic happens to your prostate. So go ahead and stimulate your prostate and make sure you ejaculate everyday! You’ll be your own life saver in the long run.

Reason 4: Your female sex partner might find it really kinky. Sure, she might be used to being the one getting bummed by you but give her the chance to be the one doing it to you. She might actually LOVE pegging you (that’s when the female uses a strap-on and penetrates the male). You may also find that you enjoy the submissiveness of giving her control on your anus. Pegging can be extremely erotic and pleasurable for both involved.

Reason 5: You’ll be a better lover because of it. You’re more used to banging her booty so you wouldn’t know how it feels to be banged in your booty. So once you try anal stimulation, you’ll have an idea of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the booty bang. Try fingering for example, once you finger yourself in the backside, you’ll find out that long nails are not your best friends and finger banging doesn’t always work. And if you’re using an anal toy, you’ll realise that lubricants are one of your best friends.

Always be prepared and don’t rush it. All good things come to those who wait.