Online Dating Rules for Guys – The Profile

Guys, some really get the online dating thing, and others need an unbelievable amount of help. And that’s fine, we can always learn what to do and what not to do right?

Below I’ve outlined several very important online dating rules for guys. Tips that will make you or break you when it comes to dating online. So make sure you pay attention. – Heck, take notes if you have to!

1. Your Pics

It doesn’t get more important than this one! Your pic is the initial eye-catcher in the world of online dating. Your pic obviously conveys who you are visually to your potential date.

Having said that, it’s important that you have up-to-date, mature pictures that represent the current you. This means don’t post pictures that were taken 15 years ago. – Or pictures when you weighed 15 pounds less.

What you should do however, or what I suggest anyway, is have a female friend take pictures of you dressed nicely. And always remember to smile. Women love to see smiles and nice teeth. (I’m hoping you have nice teeth!)

Why do I suggest have a female take your pic? Because she knows what females like! Go with her advice and you will most likely come out on top.

2. Your Pitch

“Your pitch” means, how you are selling yourself. – You want your pitch to be tasteful, humble, down to earth and most of all clever and funny. Let’s face it, women love humor! So if you have some dry, boring written profile that talks about how you love NASCAR, fishing and drinking beer, you might as well hang it up my friend. Talk about your hobbies and be funny! I can’t stress that enough. The being funny part can start right from the subject line of the email. For example, send an email that has a subject line that reads, “I’m fun, kill bugs and can break dance!” – Now, number one this is pretty funny, and number two, you are going to definitely stand out from the hundreds of other emails a woman may be getting!

3. Your Honesty

This should be at the top of the list for online dating rules for men. – Post real and current photos, post factual information about your job, your marital status. Be real and don’t put on. It’s all going to come out in the wash anyway!