Love, Sex And Romance

Love is a great and powerful emotion which moves and bring to life the best in every one of us. Love is an awesome power to healthy, creative and harmonious relations.

Sex, is one of the most pleasurable and necessary activities for humans. Sex is kind of magical, complex and mysterious passion and even the simplest of sexual acts enjoyed together might enhance everybody´s life.

Romance is referred as a kind of attachment, fascination and enthusiasm for something or someone. Romantic love refers to special moments and situations within interpersonal relationships. Romance emphasizes emotions of love, intimacy, compassion, appreciation. Romance is associated with a kind of longing and the experience of the beloved as some kind of special, idealized, highly necessary for ones happiness.

Love, sex and romance are themes frequently used by writers, composers and singers to “talk” about their feelings and their way to bring to the surface the feelings of millions whose poetry is not their primary quality.

Strictly For Kicks or SFK for short, is a group whose CD “Love, Sex and Romance” created a lot of requests for air play in the radio stations of countries as the United States, Canada, Belgium, France and many more. These boys will rock your socks off from the first until the last track.
For willing partners who care for each other, love, sex and romance answers include pleasure, relaxation, closeness, tenderness and love.

Human senses are aroused by love, sex and romance to hights we call ecstasy. Blood roaring through lovers veins and passion reflected in their breath are ways to measure the hight of their sensuous approaches.

Besides being the largest organ of the human body, the skin is the primary organ of love, sex and romance encounters. Authors refer to skin as smooth, tender, silky, creamy, alabaster, ivory, burning, inflamed, pink flush of arousal, satin-smooth, and quite some.

There are awesome bare, beautifully formed body shapes, which are used by authors, musicians singers and many more artist as inspiration to air their feelings of love, sex and romance. Romance novels are full of expressions referring to the skin and its forms as the tender source of the hightening of senses related to love, sex and romance.

Skin and body shapes have a definite agenda when involved in the love play described in the romance novels.

Feelings of love, sex and romance are described as shaky, sure, gentle, savage, generous. Relationships are to be recharged frequently to improve areas which are not as wonderful as they should be.