Is Sex With Strangers Easier?

It’s a question many ask when it comes to casual dating but it’s still one that poses just as many open-ended answers. Is casual sex with strangers easier than with someone you know and care about? The easy answer would be to say “yes, absolutely” and while it may be true in some cases it’s certainly a little more complicated than that.

Of course it’s easy to assume that the more disconnected you are from someone you’re having sex with, the easier everything becomes. One major factor that helps plead this case is the fact that there’s no emotion to get in the way of things – allowing the pair of you to focus purely on the fun and sexual side. There is less pressure to talk about all your feelings whilst when in a relationship, topics such as where the relationship is heading and love get thrown around fairly often. After all a relationship is long term and requires constant discussion and work in order to make it… well work for both of you.


If you are looking for simple fun and see no development from there, then of course that poses less effort than if you did want more. However actually finding these people and the effort required to meet up for sex does prove just as difficult and in most cases even more so than that of a long term commitment. For one it’s tougher to find people who just want sex. Go to any bar or coffee shop and chances are you ask for a casual fling and you’ll be met with either a slap or disgusted look. Sure there are casual fans out there, but these are fewer and far between. The fact that a casual lifestyle holds with it a certain stigma too doesn’t help matters. Online dating sites are certainly a good way to go about if you want to meet and fuck like-minded strangers but then again you also need to go about planning a meet up time after time after time since its different people. A relationship becomes much easier over time as you know the person and the initial jitters and awkwardness is gone.

Sex with strangers can prove difficult especially when it comes to unexpected feelings developing whether it’s from yourself or the other person. While it’s easy to assume your next encounter is never going to amount to any more than what happens between the sheets, feelings can develop when you least suspect. What’s worse is the stress of deciding whether you should even reveal the truth or keep it bottled up. Then again you could argue for the opposite side where there’s the risk of one person falling for the other but the feeling not being reciprocated.

Having casual sex with strangers is certainly an intriguing prospect that can be easier in some respects however just like anything in life, it can have its tough moments too. Bottom line is it all comes down to personal preference. Both paths will require effort at different moments, it’s just how you deal with them that’s important.