How to Make the Most out of Sex Toys for Couples

Sex is undoubtedly the most wonderful thing that two people can do together, and you may feel like you and your partner have explored the full extent of your sexual ability and enjoyment, but you may be amazed at just how much more incredible such an experience can become through the use of sex toys.

Curious couples can visit websites such as for the best in couples’ sex toys. Here you will find all of the resources needed to make your intimate time together all the more stimulating and sensational.

The Facts

While many women will keep their sex toy experience separate from their mutual sex life with a partner, a recent study conducted by the Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that an incredible 41% of couples actually use sex toys like vibrators for the sake of foreplay.

A further 31% of women were found to utilize sex toys further, bringing them into play during actual intercourse, and not just to stimulate the right mood and physiological responses needed for intercourse to be successfully carried out.

Many men and women have testified regarding the benefits of bringing sex toys into the bedroom. It greatly increases sexual desire and the overall heated mood, can greatly counter the destructive effects of erectile dysfunction, and brings the sexual intercourse experience to a far more satisfactory level in general.

The Best in the Business

As a result of such popular revelations, it comes as no surprise if the sex toy industry continues to boom, each year bringing a whole new range of fantastic new products, each bringing new levels of creativity, convenience, and pleasure.

Let us now take a look at some of the best sex toys geared towards couples.

The Twenty-Function Bullet Vibrator

While many people can only think of a few uses for a vibrator, this Bullet vibrator comes with an amazing twenty functions. This includes the rate and rhythm and intensity of vibrations. Such functionality will bring a massive increase in your creativity and freedom during sex, leading both of you to develop sexually together as you collaborate on new and exciting positions and forms.

Due to its small size, the Bullet can very easily fit between both of your sex organs, and will not cause discomfort or irritation. With its pointed tip, the bullet is also perfect for stimulating the clitoris.

The Form 3 Waterproof Vibrator

From JimmyJane comes The Form 3, a highly convenient handheld device which is operated much like a computer mouse. This device can be then run up and down a partner’s body parts, and through a clicking motion, can bring various levels of stimulation.

This is one of the best products for couples, which was designed with couples, fitting perfectly and very comfortably between couples and their various body parts. With its extremely thin silicon film, you can actually feel your partner through the material, allowing for a level of intimacy not often seen in sex toy usage.