How to give an erotic massage that twists him round your finger

If you want to grant your partner a truly sensual experience you can learn how to give an erotic massage. Perhaps this proposal won’t excite him the most at first but if you explain to him explicitly enough that the massage will be very erotic, he will surely like to lie down and let you carry him away with your massage skills deepened by this article.

How to give an erotic massage: ways to excite him

1)      Body to body massage

This practice focuses mainly on the sense of touch of the receiver. When doing this massage, take a shower together first – that will arouse you both. Dry yourselves up and lead him to the designated spot, spread oil all over his body and then yourself. The deed itself is carried out with minimal hand usage whilst utilizing your whole body. It is convenient to lie down on top of your partner and slide over him with your naked oily body. That’s a very sexual and effective practice.

2)      Tantric massage

It merges yoga, spirituality, and sex. Plentiful Indian and Thai techniques can be used during it, but the main point is to reach whole body relaxation and relief of the intimate parts that are the points of main focus here. Pay extra attention to the sensuality and tenderness of your touches. Try to focus on more spots at once and do not rush the orgasm. On the contrary, you should grant your partner as much time as he needs for him to enjoy these rituals deeply.  You can utilize all kinds of tools during this massage, such as: satin-soft strokes, cloths, warm towels and so on.

3)      Duo or Four Hands Massage

In case you are not the jealous type and willing to grant your partner a truly unforgivable experience you can invite a third one to take part. Four hands can manage the technique in a better way and add up in sensuality. Touch your partner but do not forget about each other as well. Be tender and sexual.

Don’t be afraid to give your partner a show he won’t forget as this massage is mainly focused on his sense of sight. Despite the strong visuals, don’t neglect his body either. The massage can be ended by sex among the two of you or invite your companion as well.

4)      Lingam massage

Direct lingam (lingam refers to the male penis) stimulation is achieved during this massage. Yet the penis is not the only erogenous zone the masseuse should focus at. You should also treat the shaft, perineum, testicles, and even the prostate (despite it being a taboo for many heterosexual men).

At first, warm his body up and massage him. Gradually pay more and more attention to the male erogenous zones, each in a different way. Once you work your way towards the lingam and its surroundings, massage the oil into the skin around testicles and perineum. It is important not to leave the shaft massage out. Massage his penis using circular movements from the top all the way down and change up the intensity and speed of the motion. Don’t be afraid to use both hands at either one spot at a time or more places simultaneously.

Try to delay his orgasm as much as possible and transition towards sex itself once when he’s overflowing with the feelings of arousal or just grant him the happy ending. A delayed orgasm is much more intense.

Don’t forget that all of these techniques require you to think solely and exclusively about your partner. What does he like? What are his erogenous zones? How can he relax the best? That’s the only way you can achieve the ultimate harmony and perfect satisfaction. Your partner won’t even think of any other mistress then.

Have you ever tried to give your partner an erotic massage? What style of massage have you used? Share with us in the comment section.