Fun Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life!

Physical intimacy can be fun and certainly more than just the climax that we all talk about. Men and women have different kinds of needs when it comes to sex, and honestly, there is no fixed formula that can work wonders for every single night or time you spend with your partner. However, it is possible to add some spice in your sex life. Check some of the amazing ideas right here!

Focus on seduction

Foreplay and seduction can turn on anyone! You just need to make the right moves. Sex is much more than your assets in the pants and you can have a lot more fun when you let yourself experience the process of getting intimate. Even the smaller kisses and a few intense touches can make you feel on top of the world. Next time your partner isn’t interested, try some more seductive moments and enjoy the slow steps of reaching the orgasmic climax.


Try new condoms

Yeah, you heard that right! Gone are times when a man would pick anything and everything he found. Condoms can add a lot of pleasure and new elements in the intercourse, and therefore, it is very essential that you choose the right options. From the flavored ones to more sophisticated condoms designed to suit the size needs of every man, there are so many choices. You can also Buy Trojan Magnum condoms, which are pretty high on demand. Not to forget, keep a wide range always handy, for you never know when there is little scope for some fun.


Keep trying new positions

There is nothing more boring than just doing the same thing in bed all over again. Couples who tend to try new things always have an edge of discovering new aspects of their sex life, and you can find so many different ways to please and tease your partner. Don’t shy away to move out of the comfort zone, because there’s much to penetration than what you know. Read a few books or check online to find some new positions, ideas or even romantic ways for arousal.


Take turns

Women love the foreplay, but men too enjoy a passionate kiss and an intimate session of caressing and touching. Also, women enjoy the climax as much as men do. In short, you might just be playing the taker. It is very important to be giver on the bed, as well. Sex is much more enjoyable when you are equally focused on your pleasure and the fun of your partner. It doesn’t always have to be the same moves, but when you take turns, there are lot more surprising elements.


With all that in place, enjoying your sex life should be much more action-oriented. If you haven’t tried a few sex toys and accessories, you might want to try a few. Toys are meant to help you explore more of your own sexuality, and together with your partner, the excitement will only double. Change your moves right away to feel real pleasure!

Author Bio: Open Umbrella is a relationship expert, who has found immense love from readers around the world. He is also a great writer and enjoys covering many aspects of modern love.