Email Dating Tips – Attract Women Online!

Here are some basic email dating tips for you to use to get great responses from women!

1 – What you need to do is write to her in a way that makes it really easy for her to respond to you. Remember, you need to write in a way that will give her a conversation opening so she can have something to respond to you with.

2. You need to talk about something that she will find interesting, for example read her profile and then ask her something funny about her picture on her experiences. Ask open-ended questions about those kind of experiences you see in her photo and also remember to make fun of her slightly so that she knows you are flirting with her in a subtle way. But make sure, you give her something so that she can respond to you with and that you don’t make the conversation going nowhere with your humor. This is very important, because unlike off-line dating she cannot read your body language and sometimes she might take things the wrong way if you do not say it correctly.

3. When she starts responding to you, you can start asking more deep and meaningful questions, and you can begin the conversations like this for example “i’m curious about this, i’m always interested to know why people are passionate about something, so tell me what about xyz topic makes you so interested in it?”. Remember to make sure you ask her something that both of you will find interesting otherwise you will be making it really hard for yourself to continue the conversation. If you do this correctly, you’ll be able to connect to her with passion and this will help you create comfort and rapport with her for interactions later on.

4. Once the conversation and e-mails become a little interesting remember to ask for a photo. This is very important, because a lot of people used outdated photos. And, you want to protect yourself against people who are dishonest or use photos that do not reflect what they really look. But this goes both ways, you also have to send her a photo of yourself, so if you do not have any female friendly photos you might want to go out and get some. Just remember, if you do not have a female friendly photograph in your hard drive at the moment just be sure to let her know that you don’t have one at the moment and that you will get one very soon.