Do we really need love?

The Beatles once said: “All you need is love”, but we bet if you ask those guys about what love actually is then they probably all got their own definition of what the word means. The truth is that love is more of a concept rather than a fact; if it was a fact then everybody will agree on the definition of love; just as people know that 1+1=2. Love brings people together but it also splits people apart; so when all is said and done; do we really need love in our lives or is it just another one of those concepts that is being sold to us?

Love is flexible

When you ask people about love; they all seem to tell you that it is the most positive feeling in this planet; only to be countered by hate. It is easy to define hate; and it does seem that those two words have a similar reach and flexible meaning. Let’s say you hate a chocolate bar and you hate racism. You’re using the same word but without a doubt you feel stronger about hating racism than that bar of chocolate. Same thing with the word love; you love your parents and you love that woman you just met. Surely your parents come first as they’ve been with you all your life; but yet you use the same word to describe your feelings towards that newly met woman. So really, does itmean that love and hate are merely a term to express your position; as opposed to a way to describe the intensity of your feelings?

Love, lust and infatuation

Okay so here us out: lust is desire, and desire can be very strong too. If love is the strongest feelings, then how come we don’t stop lusting over pretty ladies once we get married? Some people say it is in men’s nature to do so; but actually could it just be that lust is sometimes stronger than love? After all married men aren’t the only ones looking at dirty chat sites online; married women do it too. So if anything, this shows that some feelings can indeed trump love. You know what else trumps love? Infatuation that’s what! Infatuation is when you just meet someone and then grow on you so fast that you feel that ‘instant love’. Again if love is truly linked with how we can trust people who care for us; then how come people think that is what they feel when they just meet someone for the first time? The reality is as follows: love has been sold to us for centuries now. We read books, we watch television; and people have pushed that idea to us so we can buy things. Where would the diamond industry be with love? Okay this is a bit cynical; we do believe that there is a genuine love somewhere; but it is not always what people think. We need that true love into our lives; but maybe we could do with a bit of clarification at times so we don’t get our feelings all confused!